Valencia Zah

Dine’ Nation

Service: Classroom Training Support

Ya’at’eeh my name is Val Zah. I am originally from Red Lake, AZ, near Crystal, NM. My maternal clan is Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water) and paternal clan is Tabaaha (Water’s Edge). I am a previous NIYC recipient early on in my educational journey and utilized the program. I was attending TVI (currently CNM) at the time and worked using my trade skills (cosmetologist) while I was completing my prerequisites. NIYC’s mission helped me achieve personal, economic self-sufficiency in achieving my educational goals at the time.

Years later, upon completion of my Masters in Social Work, I have arrived full circle. At this time, I am helping others to maximize their gifts and achieve a balanced life for themselves; in Dine’ we call it, “Iina baa hozho”. It is ultimately having compassion and treating clients with dignity while assisting them in reaching their goals for desired change by utilizing an empowering strengths-based perspective. I constantly learn from my clients who identify with their own journeys; they invite me to witness their self determination of making a difference in their lives with my assisted guidance in navigating their challenges. I encourage you all to reach high for your goals and don’t take “no” as an answer, but instead ask questions until you get the answer you are satisfied with. Thank you to NIYC for its beneficial support which aided me at the beginning of my educational journey.”