Albuquerque Internship Opportunities

Opportunity is knockin’! Are you going to answer it?! If so, start by applying for our Work Experience (Internship) program!

Our short-term internship program provides you with an opportunity to work, learn, and earn.  It is designed to connect you to potential careers and grow in your professional pursuits.  To get started on your path to an internship, you must meet all Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program eligibility requirements.

In today’s workforce, when it comes to securing job offers or performing exceptionally well in the work place, it is no longer good enough to have only a high school diploma, certificate, or degree.  Relevant work experience via an internship is just as important to your future career and is one of the key attributes sought by potential employers.  So allow us to present you our list of work experience providers:

American Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICCNM)
American Red Cross
Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW)
Dragonfly Counseling
One World Rug Care
Roadrunner Food Bank