Work Experience

Opportunity is knockin’! Are you going to answer it?! If so, start by applying for our Work Experience program!

In today’s workforce, when it comes to securing job offers or performing exceptionally well in the work place, it is no longer good enough to have only a high school diploma, certificate, or degree.  Relevant work experience is just as important to your future career and is one of the key attributes sought by potential employers.

Our short-term employment program will provide you with an opportunity to work, learn, and earn.  It is designed to connect you to potential careers and grow in your professional pursuits.  Are you ready to get started on your path to a paid internship?

Start Here

  1. Complete and submit a Pre-Application to the office location nearest to you:
  2. Meet with a Program Support Assistant to determine your program eligibility
  3. Develop an individualized employment and training plan with your Case Manager
  4. Attend program orientations and workshops
  5. Job search, interview, and start internship
  6. Achieve Success!